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LionCrest Media is a full-service, one-stop-shop publishing, branding, and marketing solution.

Whether you’re an author looking to sell your book or a business trying to crack into the market, LionCrest Media is here to help. As your all-in-one partner, we convert your book, product, or service into a well-known brand, ensuring it grabs the spotlight and you get quantifiable results.

LionCrest Media is the best alternative because it gets businesses ready from zero to hero by building a brand from the bottom up. We focus on the often-overlooked details that drive the success of an offering, ensuring it not only sells but creates a significant impact.

LionCrest Media works with anyone ready to elevate their brand to the next level and skyrocket their market visibility.

LionCrest Media has served names like Pacific Justice Institute, MedPsych Integrated, iAdvantage Software, and Fellowship of Companies for Christ International.

LionCrest Media has a targeted solution to meet every need. The chosen solution will determine the associated costs, starting from as little as $250/month.

The company offers tier-based plans based on what stage you are in your marketing journey. You can choose between Base Marketing, Plus Marketing, or Ultimate Marketing. They also offer standalone options for publishing, branding, and marketing.

LionCrest Media serves clients in any market by tailoring solutions based on their needs. Authors and businesses in North America, East Europe, and South Asia have gained immense traction in their domestic markets and internationally.

After kickoff consultations, LionCrest Media will set client expectations depending on their aims and what plan they choose. Spirit Media clients commonly report seeing tangible outcomes as quickly as 2-3 weeks.

Raleigh, North Carolina, is home to LionCrest Media's headquarters.

Serving as both founder and CEO, Kevin White leads LionCrest Media Inc.